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Looking into evidence of the famous topic of global warming I went to a source that should provide me answers at NASAs website where they have technology of monitoring conditions on planets should provide reliable information about whats happening on our own planet. NASA stated over the last century the sea level has risen 8 inches but over the past 2 decades that rate has doubled. With satellite technology the spring snow in the northern hemisphere has decreased over the past 5 decades  and that the snow is melting earlier. Another piece of compelling evidence for global warming are the numbers facing shrinking ice sheets. Greenland lost 36-60 cubic miles of ice in a span of 4 years and Antartica lost about 152 cubic miles between 2002 and 2005. Using NASAs website which  I believe to cosider it a trustworthy source due to its specialized technology used to explore space the data presented should be completely accurate in identifying global warming as a real issue.



  1. Good source. Your blog post could have been written a little more coherently. Making the link active would have been nice.


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