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Movie Project: Kill Bill Coffin Scene

For my finale blog post I decided to analyze the scene where protagonist Uma Thurman, who is known as "The Bride" is buried alive in a coffin in which she has to punch her way out. To the movies credit she get multiple attempts to break the coffin with many punches but I want to solve how much pressure she would need to create to break the coffin in one punch. To calculate this we have to do a impulse problem to find the momentum of the punch, take that number and divide it by the area of Uma's fist to find the pressure. To find impulse we need mass of Uma Thurman's fist and the velocity of her punch to calculate the force of the punch which came out to be 11.6 N. Which I convert to pounds so I can compare to the pounds per pressure to break pine wood and that came out to be 2.6 pounds per force. I take that number and divide by the are of Uma's fist which is estimated to be .043 square meters, after dividing the two I got 20.46 pounds per square meter and converted that to .0131 psi. With .0131 psi Uma Thurman would need 366 times the pressure of her punch to break the coffin in one punch as the crushing strength of pine is 4800 psi.


  1. Numerous typographical and mathematical errors, details left missing, really not much for your readers.


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